Privacy Policy

We have a privacy policy that, while protecting users from outside interference, collects information from all visitors to our website:

At any time, a user may browse CompareMortgage.Loan anonymously. When a user contacts us using our contact form, CompareMortgage.Loan may store this information and use the user’s e-mail for the transmission of updates and any other information we feel pertinent. We never share this information with third parties.

It is our policy at CompareMortgage.Loan to collect non-personal identification information when users interact with CompareMortgage.Loan.

Non-personal identification would include such information as the user’s browser, information about the user’s computer as well as information about the user’s manner of connection such as user’s operating system, the Internet service provider, and any similar technical information.


At CompareMortgage.Loan, we have the most up-to-date security measures to protect the storage of data collection and storage. It is our highest priority to make certain there can be no unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or the destruction of personal information. This would include information such as user names, passwords, transaction records and any other necessary data stored on our site.


CompareMortgage.Loan does not sell, rent or trade any information to third parties. While we may share information unattached to any personal information regarding users of CompareMortgage.Loan, we only share the afore-mentioned information to partners and/or advertiser affiliates. We may employ third party services providers in the operation of our business, to improve our site or to enhance user’s experience trough the transmission of newsletters and surveys. User information we share with third party affiliates are for very limited purposes, and no information will be shared without the permission of user.


CompareMortgage.Loan may use cookies to help us keep better informed as to user’s browsing experience at CompareMortgage.Loan. Cookies are harmless and contain only minimal information. While user may refuse to allow cookies when visiting CompareMortgage.Loan, user may not be able to visit some parts of the site.


CompareMortgage.Loan may use user’s personal information for the following reasons:

• Personal information may help improve our customer services.

• Information we collect helps CompareMortgage.Loan to respond to customer requests for service and support in a more efficient manner.

• We use personal information to help us improve our site. We may use feedback gained from your personal preferences to help us improve our products and services.

• We may consider your personal information when running a promotion, a contest, or a survey and other features of CompareMortgage.Loan

• The user’s personal information may help to send out information on topics designed to be of more interest to each user.

• We may use this information to send out newsletters as well as promotional offers.


From time to time users may see advertising or other informative content on our site with links to sites and services offered by partners, suppliers, sponsors, licensors, advertisers and/or other third parties. CompareMortgage.Loan has no control over the content or links that may appear on these sites and accept no responsibility for any practices other websites may employ while linked to or from the CompareMortgage.Loan site.

The policies of some sites may include their own privacy policies and their sites may be constantly changing. When user chooses to browse or interact with any website linked to CompareMortgage.Loan, user may be subject to that website’s own policies and terms of use.


Advertising partners may place may appear on our site at CompareMortgage.Loan. These advertisers may set cookies. When these cookies are stored, they allow the advertiser to recognize user’s computer and compile non-personal information. That will enable them to better recognize user’s interests and tastes and send out more targeted information they believe will better serve user. Our privacy policy cannot cover the use of cookies by advertisers.


Google may serve some ads that appear on CompareMortgage.Loan. Google uses dart cookies to better serve ads to users based on their visits to all sites. The use of Dart allows Google to collect and store only non-personal identifiable information and Google does not track personal information such as user’s name, e-mail address, etc.

User acknowledges and agrees to assume the responsibility of reading and reviewing this privacy policy, and to be always aware of any modifications.

Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting:


When using CompareMortgage.Loan, user agrees to acceptance of this policy and our terms of service. If user fails to agree to this policy, we ask that user not visit our site. Continued use of our site following the posting of any changes in policies of CompareMortgage.Loan will be deemed to assume acceptance by user.